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"Daniel is a straight-up person, whose advice is based on careful analysis and willingness to face facts. He hasn’t always agreed with our other advisors, but has never tried to push his point of view: only to provide us with what we need to know to make informed decisions. And he isn’t always right: but he’s right often enough that when we don’t follow his advice we usually regret it."

Dr. Harry Arthurs -
Retired Professor of Law.

Stronach Financial Group Inc is a Fee-Only Financial Planning Firm that offers unbiased Financial Planning and Management Advice to high net worth Canadians.

At some point in your career it makes sense to take stock with where you are and where you think you want to go. We will help you properly assess where you are today and with your thoughts we will help you carefully consider your options and draft a plan for you to manage with our help.
With proper attention to detail we can give you a crystal ball which will help you understand with some degree of accuracy what your financial future will look like. With that knowledge you can make meaningful decisions today to help improve the efficiency of your outcome.

For example, you might be able to:

  • Cut back on your work before you think you can
  • Afford to buy the cottage you didn’t think you could afford
  • Reallocate funds to enhance the value of your estate
  • Give your kids a financial boost to help them get off the ground

Sometimes a financial plan will give you lifestyle options while providing you with the assurance that your funds will not be depleted prematurely.

We recognize that Financial Planners / Advisors come in many different forms and often will assess your financial situation from a different perspective (i.e. emphasizing investments, tax, insurance, etc.). It is our objective to look at your “big picture” to ensure there is consistency in your planning and that your key advisors work in concert to ensure you’re getting the best solutions.

We coordinate the advice and plan implementation using your existing advisors or the advisors we have hand-picked for our clients. This way all your advisors will be "singing off the same sheet".

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  • Understand the details and transition points of your intermediate and long range plan

  • Understand how much flexibility you have to make decisions today – without worrying about how it might affect you in the future

  • Feel confident that there are no loose ends and that your plan is complete and tax effective

  • Provide guidance to your advisors to ensure your objectives will be achieved (We will add or work with your existing advisors.)

  • Maintain control of your plan by keeping you informed



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