We provide Financial Planning and Advice to those seeking to coordinate all aspects of their financial plan.


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2 levels of planning:

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We do not sell insurance or investment products or services.

On a fee basis, we provide sound financial advice overlying a thorough understanding of your financial income and assets and your wishes and needs. And we will help you keep your plan in force by assisting you with the management of your assets, cash flows and liabilities.

  • We will help you plan and organize your financial affairs, so you can be confident that you will be able to accomplish your goals.
  • We will help you understand the trajectory of your financial plan, so you can visualize your financial future and enhance your possibilities by understanding your flexibility and how to protect yourself if financial events impede you.
  • We will help you protect your family if you become disabled or die and will ensure the transfer of your assets to your heirs will occur without complexity or hardship.

“Daniel is a straight-up person, whose advice is based on careful analysis and willingness to face facts. He hasn’t always agreed with our other advisors, but has never tried to push his point of view: only to provide us with what we need to know to make informed decisions. And he isn’t always right: but he’s right often enough that when we don’t follow his advice we usually regret it.”

Dr. Harry Arthurs, Retired Professor of Law

To accommodate the needs of my clients, I provide 2 levels of financial planning:


Both incorporate granular-level detail with big picture thinking.
See which one is right for you.